Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your product line and

especially the “What’s Hurting You?” lotion. As a chiropractor I receive many samples

and have used dozens of other products, “What’s Hurting You?” is the one I use on my

patients. The best testimony I can provide is that your products are what we use to treat

and care for our grandkids!


Brent Hood D.C., https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hood-Chiropractic/110436589018580

I've been using The Germ Buster Spray for several months now for both myself and my young son.
I LOVE this product!!!!
Whenever I'm around a person that is coughing or sneezing I spray this in the air close to me and I feel like it really does the trick of not allowing me to catch their colds.
It's crucial for me to keep my immunity up at this time as I am going through some health challenges. So I carry this bottle with me wherever I go!
I also spray it in my son's bedroom.
It helps clean and freshen the air.
Knowing that this is an all natural and chemical free spray gives me peace of mind and confidence in this product.
I just bought an extra bottle for my son's teacher to use in her kindergarten classroom. So much healthier than Lysol and probably way more effective.
Thank you Remedy Products

Johanna Bautzer,

Love The Stuff !!  This product is amazing .  What's Hurting You is almost an instant relief for me.  I have MS and the nerves in my hands , legs and feet often over react.  I can apply What's Hurting You and shortly I feel the relief of the tingling, burning and sharp nerve pain.  I also have a bad knee that I have fallen on a few times after I apply this product shortly the pain and swelling goes away. I also use this on my husband and refer this product to my clients and friends and after they use it, it works so well for them they are referring it to their families and friends. This is a miracle product and have decided this will be essential in the management of my MS and my husbands aches and pains.
Thank You !!

Debbie Ward,

I absolutely love the What's Hurting You? product. I rub around my temples to help relieve a headache and rub around my neck whenever I get a stiff neck. Another product I have recently discovered is the Cold & Flu. I have had instant results after applying it to my weak muscles (from my cold). It was actually a lifesaver! Anytime anyone in my family gets sick, I will be using Cold & Flu on everyone because I know it works!