Just thought I'd drop you a line and say how much I love your Remedy Germ Buster spray. I have been sick for almost 3 weeks with sinus upper respiratory issues. I try not to use OTC's or RX's but really got knocked down with this one. I was put on Zythromicin (5 day treatment) but, it did not work like we thought. I had bought a spray bottle of Germ Buster for the car, when we ran out of lysol I got my Germ Buster and started using it on the things I touched, my hands and sprayed it on my kleenex before I blew my nose. Well.... That is when I started to recover fast. I have now sent my husband out to get 2 refill bottles so, I can have it on hand at all times. I guess I'll have to put some back in my car too. Thank you sooooo much for being there. Oh, by the way, It smells really good too. ~ Thanks again


Essential Oils are a must have in our home.  I started using these time tested remedies after I had children.  There are so many uses for these essential oils and they really work!  You will find these oils an essential part of your home too.


"What's Bugging You" is the absolute best all natural bug spray I've ever used!! I have 3 boys and we are outside a lot and your bug spray keeps the mosquitos away!! It smells great, it isn't sticky and my kids don't complain when I spray it on them.
I absolutely love it! Thank you!!

Jacy Guynes,

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I have been using "What's Hurting You" on my clients for almost two years. I love that there is finally a product that is safe for my clients and can deliver amazing results! Thank you so much Debbie for truly caring about what ingredients you use. ~ Blessed Be

Stephanie Hinkel, LMT,