Our Story

Hi there, I'm Debbie!

I started Remedy Oils in 2009 with the product Calming. I was looking for oils that would calm my boys after an asthma attack. I couldn’t find anything I liked so I mixed my own and came up with a blend they liked and actually were asking for. Essential oils are wonderful and can be used for so many things.

There have been many hours of research and trial and error, but it has all been worth it. I could not have done this without help from my mother. She spent many hours on research and has been an encouragement all along the way. Remedy Oils are professional quality,100% pure, extracted by non-toxic methods and wild harvested or organically grown whenever possible.

 ~ Debbie Gunter- Owner/Founder

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Our Mission

Our mission is to share the benefits of natural therapeutic essential oils and promote health as part of an overall natural and toxin free lifestyle

Essential Oils are a must have in our home.  I started using these time tested remedies after I had children.  There are so many uses for these essential oils and they really work!

The best part of this business has been helping people realize the many benefits of essential oils. It is so exciting when I get an email or phone call from someone telling me how Remedy products have helped them. I so appreciate the stores that have believed in me and have supported me from the start. We continue to grow and look forward to helping more people as we do and know you will find these oils an essential part of your home too.

Serving Our Customers since 2009, we Strive to Provide:

Customer Friendly Service, 100% Satisfaction and a Quality Guarantee

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